Corie's Letter

Dear Mark and All the River listeners;

This is Margaret, one of the oncology nurse navigators at the Curtis and Elizabeth Anderson Cancer Institute at Memorial Health. I would like for you all to meet Corie., a 41-year-old Savannah single dad who has been diagnosed with lung cancer that has already spread to his brain. Corie was in his normal state of good health with a “somewhat worrisome cough” this past summer. At the same time, his family started noticing that his clothing was looking a little loose. He thought nothing of these symptoms until he started experiencing headache and then repeatedly falling because he couldn’t keep his balance which prompted his family to bring him to Memorial Health’s emergency room. The medical workup for the headaches and balance problems revealed a few brain lesions and a lung mass. This was October 2018.

He is unable to work due to the balance issues and Christmas is right around the corner. I told you that he is a single dad. He has five (5) children: three girls and two boys ranging in age from 5 – 13.  Like most children, Corie’s children made a wish list for Santa: the 13-year-old boy would like Xbox games or a bicycle; the 11-year-old girl would like skates or a bicycle; the 7-year-old girl would like dolls or a bicycle; the 5-year-old girl would like dolls or a bicycle; and, the 5-year-old boy would like trains or a bicycle. Seems like they all are asking for bicycles from Santa!

Corie is asking for help towards paying some of the monthly bills. Since he is unable to work this puts a significant financial burden on the family. He is in need of some financial assistance with paying some of his rent and utilities. Yes, I know, hearing about what another person is dealing with this time of year makes you appreciate your own good health! Corie has been trying to keep a positive attitude about this life limiting diagnosis. He knows that he will be facing his own mortality. He wants to try to make the time that he has left with his family to be full of warm, happy memories! In the meantime, he is putting in the fight for his life. Let’s band together and help him out.

Corie is quite enthusiastic about participating in the Christmas Wish program.  I would like to thank you for your generosity towards Corie and his family. Please share in my hope that his fight is successful and that he and his family have a wonderful Christmas!

Thank you,
Margaret, RN
Nurse Navigator
Memorial Health
Curtis & Elizabeth Anderson Cancer Institute


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This year 98.7 The River has partnered with Jim 'N Nicks BBQ to make Christmas Wish possible. 


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