C.H.'s Letter - Christmas Wish 2019

Dear Mark,

I am writing about a truly deserving patient who is battling for his life. C.H. is an everyday kind of guy who lives with his devoted wife in a small outlying community.

C.H. worked most of his life as a lineman for the power company. He later went on to work as a tank mechanic at Fort Stewart until an accident on the job caused an injury so severe he could no longer work. He went on social security disability at that time. He subsequently suffered from two strokes which have affected his speech and memory. He now requires around the clock supervision from his wife for his own safety. This couple is completely dependent on his small disability income to meet all of their needs.

And then In late September 2019, C.H. received the bad news that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer found on a routine screening scan. C.H. is now in active treatment for his lung cancer. He will be receiving many weeks of radiation treatments along with chemotherapy the side effects of which are fatigue and loss of appetite. He says he can’t enjoy his normal level of activity which typically consists of puttering around the house and fixing things. He says in the past he was always one to keep busy.

Unfortunately, just as C.H. began treatment, his 2004 GMC Canyon broke down after 300,000 miles while he was on his way to treatment one day. He had a repair estimate done but has decided the truck is not worth the engine and transmission repairs required. He has been borrowing a kind neighbor’s vehicle to get to radiation although the availability of this vehicle is intermittent at best.

When I asked C.H. what he might wish for his holidays he said he does not often wish for things. He is used to being self-sufficient and leads a simple life. He does admit to significant financial stressors. The biggest concern C.H. has right now of is having a vehicle to get to treatment and to perform routine errands like grocery shopping and getting to church. He and his wife serve their church community by providing weekly cleaning. He hopes he can continue this also since it is so meaningful for them. I am appealing on behalf of this genuinely kind and caring individual for funds toward or a donation of a vehicle so C.H. is able to maintain his simple but rewarding quality of life while celebrating the spirit of the Christmas season. Thank you all for your caring and concern. May your holidays be festive and joyful!

Mary Hebing, Social Worker

Memorial Health Curtis and Elizabeth Anderson Cancer Institute


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