R.C.'s Letter - Christmas Wish 2019

Dear Mark:

Christmas is a time for young and old to gather, tell stories of long ago Christmases, and to make new memories. R.C. is the family matriarch, proud that she is here another year tobe with her family during the holidays since earlier this year it seemed that might not happen. She was diagnosed with colon cancer in February. In true fighting spirit she did well after her initial surgery. But as many of you who have fought cancer know, that was just the beginning. R.C. did require further hospitalization due to complications and then underwent chemotherapy. She is currently living with her daughter. She says she is blessed to have a strong and loving extended family who helped her get to her many doctors’ appointments and manage day to day while going through treatment. She said she always taught her family to stick together and they have done just that for her. R.C:s story is one of strength in the face of adversity and of overcoming obstacles together as a family.

R.C.is proud that her granddaughter is attending medical school at Morehead Medical College. She is looking forward to her "baby" coming home from college for a visit and anticipating her graduation in May. Graduation is just a few months away... but for a cancer patient this can seem like a long time indeed.

R.C. says her greatest challenge following her diagnosis has been to keep her spirits up and not allow depression to creep in during those quiet moments alone.

She does count her blessings and says cancer has taken a toll on her physically. She has lost a lot of weight during her treatment. She has always taken pride in her appearance and at age 71 doesn't see a reason to stop! She wants to project her strength through her appearance and would like a few gift cards to shop for replacements for the clothing she can no longer wear. She would also really appreciate a Christmas tree...maybe an artificial one with lights...after all she plans to use it next year! Like many others of her generation she loves to watch the old Western movies and listen to the "good old music." Maybe a DVD player would help her pass the hours having fun. She would also like some gift cards so she can shop for her family since giving brings her suchjoy.

R.C. reminds me again that she feels blessed already. "I'm so grateful to be living and to see another Christmas. I am blessed to have a roof over my head, food on the table and family close at hand." My greatest wish has already been fulfilled.

Dr. Elizabeth McKeown

Surgical Care

Memorial Health University Physicians


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