Carson's Letter - Christmas Wish 2019

Carson is a cute 4-year-old diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (or A.L.L.) in early spring. He is currently enduring the intense first 9 months of IV chemotherapy, requiring frequent hospital stays and clinic visits. His treatment plan will then continue for 2 ½ more years, involving monthly chemotherapy, multiple lumbar punctures, and chemotherapy to be taken at home. When it comes to Carson’s care team, he has stolen the hearts of every single person he encounters. Despite how he is feeling, at the end of the day he just wants to be a 4-year-old boy and play. His brave and sweet spirit always brings a light to those around him, and he is an absolute joy to care for.

It is no question that Carson’s treatment has caused hardships and presented anxiety at many times for his family. His father David and mother Miranda have been with him every step of the way. They have had to witness Carson going through multiple port accesses, chemotherapy treatments, and lumbar punctures, which all can present painful side effects. Carson has suffered nausea/vomiting, hair loss, and painful mouth sores, which have affected his ability to eat on many occasions. Through it all, Carson’s family has remained faithful and trusting in God’s plan for them. They never want to burden Carson’s care team, and are quick to offer help. With a newborn, Bowen and a 7-year-old son, Ethan at home, they have been able to continue to care for all 3 boys consistently and graciously. Their ability to juggle everything that life has thrown at them currently is nothing short of amazing and inspiring and there is no doubt though that they have their hands full.

It took a little encouragement to get mom and dad to list their Christmas Wish List.For Carson, he loves “all things boy”, and would love a skateboard, soccer goal, Lego sets to build, and a build-a-bear. His 7-year-old brother loves anything sports, and would love a skateboard, a Georgia Bulldog Jersey (size 10-12), and a Gamestop gift-card. Baby Bowen, just over 2 months old, could use diapers and wipes as well.

Traveling a little more than an hour for each hospital visit the family can use gift cards forChick Fil A or Moe’s, gas cards would help too.

Carson’s mom describes cancer as “isolating.” They have had to keep Carson healthy and well, so that oftentimes means removing him from all social environments so he misses out on creating friendships and learning to play with other kids his age. They are such an incredible family, taking Carson’s Leukemia diagnosis one day at a time. The Christmas Wish program is truly such a blessing, giving this family a gift that can truly make them feel cared for through all the hardships they are enduring. Thank you so much for listening, and we are so thankful for the generosity of our community and your listeners.

Katie Fricks, RN

Pediatric Oncology Nurse

Memorial Health Dwaine & Cynthia Willett Children’s Hospital Of Savannah


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