MM's Letter - Christmas Wish 2020

Dear Mark & Christmas Wish Listeners

As we all know, this year has had a tremendous impact on how educators work with their students and ensure they are getting the best education, as well as some sense of normalcy. MM is no stranger to rolling with the punches. She’s a music teacher with three school-age children ranging from 12 to 17.

Her entire family contracted COVID 19 in July. While most of MM’s family recovered, her 14 year son had some lasting effects ending up in the ICU from organ failure. MM stayed in the hospital and while seeing him through to better health, she was suffering from fatigue but attributed it to COVID, moving and returning to work. Shortly after her son recovered,sheended up in the ER with a blood clot. It was then that MM learned she had leukemia. She was started on treatment that night and remained in the hospital for 30 days.

The leukemia has left her relying on 60% disability since October. Through it all, MM remains a happy go lucky person who keeps her children at the forefront. When asked what she would like for the holidays this year, she said, “I want my kids to be happy.”

It’s easy to see the pride MM has for her children. Her oldest and only daughter was accepted to the University of Alabama, early admission. This Christmas, the family will celebrate her 18thbirthday and her continued academic success. She’s a normal 17 year old who loves make-up and Bath & Body Works, and can also use help stocking her new dorm room.

MM’s other children are your typical boys. At 14 and 12, they are happiest outdoors, whether hunting or playing football so Bass Pro would be ideal for them. The family recently purchased a home this year, but has struggled to furnish it light of mom’s leukemia diagnosis. MM has lifted so many up in her life, through music and kindness. Her positivity is overwhelming and infectious. She deserves so much this holiday season, but she would be thrilled just being with her family, and seeing the happiness on her children’s faces. Whether it’s a gift card to Olive Garden, or a chance to shop at Target or TJ Maxx, MM will remain her grateful and happy self.

Sincerely, Lorraine O’HaraManager, Oncology Clinical TrialsCurtis & Elizabeth Anderson Cancer Institute


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This year 98.7 The River has partnered with Southern Motors Honda, Gastroenterolody Consultants of Savanah, and Howell-Chase Heating & Air to make Christmas Wish possible. 

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