GF's Letter - Christmas Wish 2020

Dear Mark & Christmas Wish Listeners,

This year’s holiday season will look and feel very different for many families. The gatherings may be smaller, or even remote, but purpose and the meaning will be the same. Togetherness. Gratitude. Fellowship. Family. Love. We hold these values as the most important, and the holidays remind us to take a deeper look at what we have to be thankful for.

GF is someone who has been dealt her fair share of heartbreak and setbacks. She was first diagnosed with cancer 9 years ago, and then again in 2019. This time around she’s facing stage IV colon cancer.GF previously worked as a truck driver, but a motor vehicle accident left her permanently disabled and unable to work. The newest challenge for GF comes with the loss of her husband’s job; also a truck driver. GF’s husband had taken over as the sole provider for the family, making this another devastating hit.

But GF is more than her hardships. She’s the mother of three doting children, and the grandmother to nine. A woman who puts others first. She’s a wonderful cook and baker. She’s a fan of fashion and sparkly jewelry. She’s a woman of great faith. A model of strength and resilience. She’s a woman who believes in the power of prayer and wakes up every day thanking God. When asked if there was anything she needed this holiday season she simply replied, “Prayers.”

After much probing, GF expressed that gas cards would be much appreciated. Her husband and daughter alternate driving her the 2.5 hours each week to her treatment visits at Memorial Health, where she feels safe and cared for. The gas cards would help her family with the financial burden that comes with traveling the far distance for treatments. Other than the gas cards, GF mentioned that help with her utility bills would be greatly appreciated as her family would like to keep the heat on during the winter season.

GF serves as a reminder to us all, during this holiday season and every single day, that we are more than the circumstances we face. Through the most difficult times in her life, she remains positive, selfless, strong, proud and hopeful. We hope people hear GF’s story and feel inspired to meet the challenges they are faced with head on, with grace and strength.


Lorraine O’Hara

Manager, Oncology Clinical Trials

Memorial Health

Curtis & Elizabeth Anderson Cancer Institute


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This year 98.7 The River has partnered with Southern Motors Honda, Gastroenterolody Consultants of Savanah, and Howell-Chase Heating & Airto make Christmas Wish possible. 

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