BH's Letter - Christmas Wish 2020

Dear Mark & Christmas Wish Listeners,

I met BH on her first day of radiation treatments. BH is a sweet and independent woman who has been battling metastatic colon cancer for nearly 5 years. As we walked down the hallway talking about appointment times, she told me about her three step grandchildren that live with her. Caretaker to her grandchildren is a role BH takes very seriously. She went on to tell me that her husband had passed away five weeks ago, and then her brother a few weeks after that. She has continued to care for her late husband’s grandchildren in her home. Through our conversations it was evident that she is doing her best to raise them while she is also getting herself to doctor’s appointments and medical treatments for her cancer.

This family would benefit greatly with some blessings this Christmas. Even after much pressing, the children are asking for very little. The youngest is four-year-old Tucker. He likes cars and trucks as well as farm animals. Lily is 11 years old and would like some make-up and flameless electric candles. The oldest is 13-year-old Gage. He would like a gift card to Game Stop for his PS4 gaming system. BH says there’s one game in particular that he really wants, but it’s more expensive than the family can afford.

The family likes to eat at Taco Bell and Longhorn. Most of their shopping is done at Walmart but I’m sure the family would enjoy clothes from stores like Old Navy and JC Penney.

I know that any gift will be appreciated and used to make positive, lasting memories at a time where they have had many difficulties. Thank you for helping make this a wonderful Christmas for BH, Gage, Lily and Tucker.

Sincerely,Sally Thompson

Radiation Therapist

Memorial Health

Curtis & Elizabeth Anderson Cancer Institute


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This year 98.7 The River has partnered with Southern Motors Honda, Gastroenterolody Consultants of Savanah, and Howell-Chase Heating & Airto make Christmas Wish possible. 

Photo: Tyler Jacobs

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