Brooklyn's Letter - Christmas Wish 2020

Dear Mark & Christmas Wish Listeners,

Zayden is like any other 8 year old boy. He likes to play outside, nerf guns and of course PlayStation games. But one way that Zayden is different from other kids his age is that his mother Brooklyn is currently undergoing treatment for a sinus tumor. At age 29, Brooklyn had to go on leave from her job as an LPN in a crisis unit and start treatment for her cancer which greatly impacts her vision. Fortunately, Zayden’s grandmother has been there for the pair every step of the way, even quitting her own job to take care of Zayden full time and drive her daughter to treatments and appointments.

For the past eight months, Zayden has watched his mother undergo radiation and chemo treatments in addition to multiple hospital stays. Unfortunately, her sarcoma went undiagnosed for some time, resulting in a visit to Memorial Health about every three to four weeks. Zayden’s grandmother says that he’s been such a trooper, considering how difficult it is to watch his mother go through this. When asked what he’d like for Christmas, he said all he wanted was for his mom to feel better so she could play outside with him again. His grandmother says he’d love a bike, boots and PlayStation cards to make his Christmas special. He recently got his first soccer ball and would also love a net to kick into.

As for Brooklyn, her Christmas wish list included one item: socks. Brooklyn’s mother says she’s in awe of her daughter’s resilience. “She never loses her smile.” But I know Brooklyn loves puzzles, especially 1,000 piece jigsaw and word searches. The family also enjoys spending their time together playing board games. The family lives two hours away from Savannah so anything from gas cards to Sam’s, Walmart, JC Penny’s gift cards will help tremendously as they need to purchase some new winter clothes and shoes, especially for Zayden who is a growing boy.


Lorraine O’Hara

Manager, Oncology Clinical Trials

Memorial Health

Curtis & Elizabeth Anderson Cancer Institute


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This year 98.7 The River has partnered with Southern Motors Honda, Gastroenterolody Consultants of Savanah, and Howell-Chase Heating & Airto make Christmas Wish possible. 

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