Carter's Letter - Christmas Wish 2021

Dear Mark,

I am writing to tell the story of a courageous, young boy named Carter, who is battling a pediatric brain tumor which is now involved in his spinal cord. Carter is 5 years old andwas diagnosed at 18 months old, fighting now for 3 ½ years. There have been many trials and new drugs given along the way, however, chemotherapy has been the best treatment to keep his tumors from growing.

Carter is currently receiving chemo treatments every week. Unfortunately, his treatment makes him very sick. Every week he has to have his port a cath accessed with a needle. Although he dislikes this part of the visit, he is so brave and sits so still, Carter’s mother will ask, “what is the one thing you have to do today?” Carter will always reply, “To take care of mommy” and she responds with a hug .Brave is one of the many words you could use to describe Carter. Carter loves his family very much, and is always thinking of others; even when he isn’t feeling well. After each chemotherapy treatment, will go to the “treasure chest” to pick out a toy and grabs one for his brother as well.

Carter is really hoping for a gumball machine this Christmas. He also enjoys squishy toys, Mickey Mouse, and the show Bluey. His 6-year-old brother loves Legos, but also loves to draw, paint, and create things. When it comes to food, they enjoy eating Chic fil a, Spankys, Mexican food, or Chicken Salad Chick. It would mean the world for them to have a Christmas they will never forget.

On top of the weekly chemotherapy visits, Carter must occasionally go to Atlanta for additional portions of therapy. Although this trip is long for Carter and his family, you will never them complain. Carter’s father is also in the military, meaning he must be away from home at times. Carter’s mother will balance school, chemo visits, and two young boys. These are very humble people,and rarely ask for anything for themselves. When I asked what they wanted for the holidays, they replied “seeing the boys smile is all we really need”. Grocery gift cards, department store cards would be very helpful to them. A food processor and towels are also on their Christmas list.

This family is so full of life and love to give, and have touched so many lives. It would be great to show them some love in return by supporting their family this Christmas.

Thank you so much to the listeners of 98.7 The River. We thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness. Each year you make such a difference in these families’ lives. So, again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Rebekah Hagan, RN

Pediatric Oncology Nurse Memorial Health Dwaine & Cynthia Willett Children’s Hospital of Savannah


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