Lizzie's Letter - Christmas Wish 2021

Dear Mark,

My name is Julie Roberts and I am a social worker at the Anderson Cancer Institute at Memorial Health. One of my amazing patients is Lizzie, a Savannah woman receiving care for esophageal cancer for the past two years. I cannot tell you what being part of Christmas Wish would mean to her.

Lizzie is a remarkable person and a living testament to the power of hope and being positive, despite life’s ups and downs. 2021 has been a difficult year for Lizzie, because she has had to be hospitalized in the ICU and undergo many surgeries and procedures for her cancer. Even when Lizzie was feeling her worst and with much pain, she always asked about me and how I was doing. Lizzie is now at home and doing much better, but visits us at the cancer center, with her big smile and many butterscotch candies for the staff.

Not only has Lizzie survived (and thrived) through a difficult cancer journey, but now she is having a new beginning. This month, Lizzie will be moving out of her sister’s home and will have a place of her own. As Lizzie is on a limited income, she will need items for her bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. When Lizzie was having bad days and feeling horribly, she would prepare home cooked meals for family and friends to give back to others. Cooking is Lizzie’s love language. She truly enjoys being of service to others and giving back. For once, I want to give something back to Lizzie through Christmas Wish.

Lizzie is a remarkable woman with a strong soul and giving spirit. I love her dearly, as all of our staff do at the Anderson Cancer Institute.

With gratitude of blessings of the holiday season I am… Julie G. Roberts

Clinical Social Worker

Memorial Health


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