Greyson's Letter - Christmas Wish 2022

Dear Mark,

As a pediatric oncology nurse, I have the privilege of interacting with the most amazing kids! Greyson is one sweet soul who has taught me more about life and what is truly important…  I met him and his family over five years ago. He is 8 and has two older brothers, Boaz and Emory, and younger sister Norah.

Shortly after a viral infection in November of 2017, Greyson was diagnosed with leukemia. He was also diagnosed with atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome in the midst of leukemia treatment. During Greyson’s fight he was in critical condition. In true Greyson fashion he fought hard and came through smiling. He finished his leukemia treatment in October of 2020 but continues to get a special infusion to treat his atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome every two weeks through his port! Unfortunately, my sweet Greyson relapsed with his leukemia in June. Recently, Greyson has received more chemotherapy infusions and just completed his Car-T therapy.

He is an animated little boy who loves to make everyone around him laugh. His smile and happiness is contagious to all of those around him. His favorite superhero is Spiderman. He also loves Sonic the hedgehog. The Corbitt crew would LOVE a hot wheels track and all of the fun cars to go with it! Greyson would like to have a Nintendo switch and would specifically the games Mario Cart and Sonic! Boaz is asking for Playmobil toys. Emory would love an RC car, rip stick, and roller blades . Norah would love a razor scooter and roller blades . The whole family loves to eat at Mellow mushroom, Chick fil A, Chipotle, and Longhorn. Greyson has to take frequent trips to Atlanta for his treatment so gas could help with their finances! Mom and Dad love to shop at Target, Old Navy, Lowe’s and Aldi. As you can imagine, little time can be spent doing other things right now. When things do settle down, the family would love to re-paint their house and do small home improvement projects! Related gift cards would be wonderful. Greyson’s mom, Alli, loves to read, draw, and do needle point and paint while father Josh  is a talented musician and serves in the ministry at church.

This family has been through so much. It was truly heartbreaking to learn of Greyson’s relapse...but we have so much hope that he will win this battle! He faces so many obstacles in life but he does it with such joy. This family deserves the entire world if we can give it to them!

Thank you so much for your time and generosity.

Amanda Walker

Pediatric Oncology Nurse

Memorial Health Dwaine & Cynthia Willett Children’s Hospital of Savannah


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