TJ's Letter - Christmas Wish 2022

Dear Mark,

We first met TJ in January of this year when she came in for her first post-surgery visit. She was a brave, young 42-year-old who had been given the life-changing diagnosis of a brain tumor. She had just undergone brain surgery and came to the office for consultation.

Her husband struggled with her diagnosis but is very emotionally supportive in so many other ways as well, like driving her to all of her appointments.TJ has faced many obstacles as a result of her disease. She has had vision problems and balance issues. Eventually, she had to make the hard decision to stop working. This has been very difficult for a family of five to only have one income.

TJ has had to deal with the side effects of her cancer treatment like hair loss and wearing a special device 18 hours a day to slow the progress of the cancer. However, she shows up for all of her appointments, never complaining and always thankful and grateful. She is a warrior, a mother, and a wife. Her disease does not define who she is. TJ has humility and bravery in the face of all that she and her family are going through.Her story is both humbling and inspiring.

Please help us make this Christmas special for TJ and her three children: 

Tony  age 19…Alexis is 12 and 11 year old Brandon.

They love “techy” things like computer tablets but will appreciate anything like clothes, shoes or Target, Walmart and VISA gift cards. 

Thank you for helping make this Christmas special for this beautiful family.

Very truly yours,

Nazil May, RN

Radiation Oncology

Memorial Health Anderson Cancer Institute


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