AW's Letter - Christmas Wish 2022

Dear Christmas River Listeners,

I work with a very special patient, a single mother of a very busy and active 5-year-old son whom I first met at her initial consult in our breast surgeon’s office. Her name is AW and that’s where she learned that she had a very aggressive cancer called triple negative breast cancer. At 26 years of age, you don’t expect to hear such news. She was very shocked and surprised by the thought of having to deal with breast cancer at such a young age. This shock turned into a fierce determination to fight for herself and for her son

Aw is currently receiving chemotherapy and is over halfway through. She shows up to her treatments with a smile every time I see her. She supports everyone around her when she is getting her treatments never thinking about her own struggles. She even surprised me one day by stopping by my office with a dozen roses to thank me for helping her. She is a very special young lady who is selfless and brave--a true role model for anyone she meets, especially her son. She deals with adversity with grace and dignity and that makes her a true hero.

I would love for AW to have a Christmas to remember. AW is currently getting to her treatments through friends and UBER rides due to her car needing repairs. Donations to UBER or LYFT vouchers would be greatly appreciated. Her favorite stores are Ross and Home Goods. Gift cards for these stores would be a great gift for her and would lift her spirits.Her son is size six and can use some clothing; he likes basketball and football, loves going to Chuck E Cheese and playing the arcade games there. Gift cards to Target and Walmart would also help with groceries and tangibles. Thank you so much for all your help!

Warmest regards, Wanda Frost, RN, BSN

Adult Oncology Nurse Navigator

Memorial Health

Anderson Cancer Institute


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