LS's Letter - Christmas Wish 2022

*We were saddened to learn that LS lost her battle with cancer last week. We are sharing this to help her family at this very difficult time. 

Dear Mark,

I’m writing this letter for a patient we will call LS. She is fighting a difficult battle with triple negative breast cancer. I first met her over a year ago when she was first diagnosed and she has endured multiple treatments including chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. It was discovered recently that LS has metastatic disease in her bone, lung and liver. Even with such devastating news, LS says she is still blessed. This is a phrase LS has said to me on multiple occasions throughout her treatment, attributing her faith to God in helping her through all of her struggles in her battle with breast cancer.

LS worked throughout most of her treatment to provide for her family, always putting others ahead of herself. She never complains even though I could see she was struggling at times. Throughout her treatments she has never ceased to amaze me with the gentle courage she exhibited on a daily basis.I recently visited with her in the hospital and the first thing she did was smile and ask me how I was doing. She has the grace of a living angel.

The future is uncertain for LS. She is fighting still to make it on a daily basis. Her courage is inspiring to me. She loves her family more than anything and really wanted them to have a nice Christmas. LS has daughters who all have children whom she adores. LS’s favorite store to shop at is Walmart. Any gift cards or VISA git cards would be wonderful. I believe God puts people in our paths to help us learn more about ourselves and more about Him.I see the presence and the spirit of God in LS. It is truly an inspiration to me and those around her.  

Thanks so much for all you are doing for our patients!

Kindest Regards,

Wanda Frost, RN, BSN Adult Oncology Nurse Navigator

Memorial Health Anderson Cancer Institute


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