Hairdresser Makes Wacky Shield to Block Coronavirus [VIDEO]

THE NETHERLANDS - An enterprising Netherlands haircutter has devised an unorthodox — if highly questionable — way to both practice social distancing and stay employed amid COVID-19 business closures: crafting a hazmat suit out of an umbrella. A video of her bizarre disease-fighting measure has racked up over 2.8 million views and 93,000 shares on Facebook.

The eight-second clip shows the unnamed Dutch stylist trimming a customer’s hair at the Bella Rossa salon in Oss, Holland, while wearing her anti-coronavirus couture.

Governments around the globe have forced nonessential businesses such as hair salons to shutter, costing countless hospitality workers their jobs. But to ensure she doesn’t miss an appointment, the inventive hairstylist snipped holes for her arms and eyes out of an umbrella in an attempt to make a shield.

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