Best and worst April the Giraffe conspiracy theories


Once the live feed became a thing we were warned that giraffe pregnancies last anywhere from 13-15 months and the labor portion can last weeks, but after over a month people are starting to become a little impatient and many are coming up with some silly, some entertaining and some conspiracy theories that actually kind of make sense as to what's taking so long.

-One twitter user suggested it's just an April Fools joke... her name is April after all

- Others are claiming that the live stream is on a loop, but one must beg the question what would be the point?

-One twitter user suggested we are all just mice in a lab experiment and this is all just an elaborate social experiment.

- This is my personal favorite...

A Reddit user suggested it's an evil plot by an evil genius. It’s a ploy to distract us from a plot to take over the world. User went on to say,

"A friend of mine came up with a conspiracy theory for April the Giraffe as follows: What if April the giraffe isn’t actually pregnant, and it was all just an elaborate scheme by some evil genius somewhere to get thousands of people around the world to stare at a giraffe’s bum for hours and argue back and forth? He’s just sitting in his lair somewhere… plotting while the world is distracted. Months from now, a sign will appear in front of the camera: "we just playin… u mad bro?" Chaos and disorder will follow, and phase two, world domination will take place," the user wrote.

Fun and jokes aside, April's veterinarian says she is very close and the zoo posted it could happen in the near future so keep watching!



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