Austin Police respond to a call about a dead dog in a crate on a busy street. But the story doesn't end there! :)

The Austin, Texas Police Department's Animal Cruelty Division received a report about a dead dog inside of a crate on the side of a busy street. When they looked inside, the thin body of a young female dog could be seen lying on top of an island of feces. She was covered in urine and rainwater, and it was evident she had been in this condition for a while.

Officer Eva Wagner was forced to look down upon the body of a dog that was starved and emaciated. The officer took a disheartening mental note of the bones protruding from the puppy's body... but then miraculously, she saw the pup's rib cage move up and down!

This doggy was still alive, but just barely. She needed help, and fast! Realizing that her life was hanging by a thread, the officers quickly rushed her to the Austin Animal Center for emergency treatment.

Elizabeth, the vet tech on duty, worked as fast as she could to keep the puppy alive. A catheter was placed, and the dog was gingerly bathed to remove all the yucky filth. The frozen pooch then received a hot air bath from a blow dryer for over 2 hours, which helped keep her body temperature up. She was so frigid when she arrived at the center, that her core temperature didn't even register on the thermometer.

She called the dog Sophie and was surprised to get a response from her.

Elizabeth was given permission to foster the dog. At first, Sophie needed a doggy diaper since she couldn't stand or walk around on her own. That didn't bother Elizabeth, who was happy to care for the puppy and would do whatever it took to get her healthy again!

Although it was touch and go for a while, Elizabeth never left Sophie's side. Thankfully the doggy was able to walk again, and gained a healthy amount of weight after just one month. This gorgeous girl with chubby cheeks made a full recovery, and Elizabeth was allowed to adopt her permanently.

This amazing pooch also has a new job as a mascot for the Austin Police Department Animal Cruelty Division. Since they were instrumental in her rescue, Sophie wanted to give back by helping them fight the bad guys!



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