3 year old lashes out when another girl blows out her birthday candles

A video of a 3-year-old physically lashing out at another toddler who blew out her birthday candle has gone viral, with some people online dubbing the spotlight stealer a “Baby Karen”. In the video, a toddler named Maria gears up to get to the birthday cake portion of her celebration. The decorations show she’s turning 3. Maria is standing behind her cake, surrounded by her family and friends. As she excitedly prepares to blow out her candle, the toddler next to her is seen sulking. Some commenters say she’s Maria’s sibling. Maria lowers her head to blow out her candle when the other toddler jumps in to blow it out first. Maria grabs the toddler by her hair and yanks her around. Adults rush over to stop the physical altercation