FedEx driver surprises boy with a new basketball hoop! Cool story.

An Indiana mom came home from work and found a brand new basketball and hoop. When she read the note attached to the ball, she discovered the gifts — a surprise present for her son — came from an unexpected source: Their local FedEx delivery driver. 

"As I walked up on the porch I noticed the ball and the instruction manual to the hoop," mom Coledo Wheeler said in a November 8 post on Facebook. "I didn't know where either came from. I came in I sat down and started to read the two letters attached. I instantly started crying. Come to find out a random act of kindness had happen [sic] at our home."

Wheeler told CBS News her 11-year-old son Elijah Maines plays basketball outside the home with his friends or with her and her partner, Dan. While they had a hoop already, it was "in really rough shape," she wrote in the Facebook post. 

Check out the rest of her post here. There are still good people out there.