She quarantined for one night in Canada which cost her over $2700

As of February 22, air travelers to Canada must take a COVID test upon arrival and quarantine in a qualifying hotel until their results are in. That can take up to three days, but in the case of Cristina Teixeira, her results were in after just one night — but that’s where the good news ends for her. Teixeira says she was charged about $2,750 for that single-night stay, and is lobbing blame at both the Crowne Plaza Hotel and the Canadian government. Teixeira was flying home to Ontario with her brother and daughter after traveling to Portugal for her father’s funeral. She says she struggled to get details about the hotel quarantine program while abroad and was denied an exemption upon arrival in Toronto when she explained the reason for her trip. She was told to book a room at the Crowne Plaza, an approved quarantine hotel.

… The hotel informed her there was a minimum of three nights, at $610 a night plus taxes. It was 1:30 in the morning, they were exhausted and they just agreed. Some 15 hours later, their results were in, but she says the hotel wouldn’t budge on charging them for the three nights at the quarantine rate.