3 Ways That Moms Can Show Themselves Some Extra Love This Summer

Jennifer Cervantes

School is out and summer is here. Sounds like a perfect time for some self-care and regeneration!

Jennifer Cervantes, mom founder and CEO of TOUGH AS A MOTHER highlights the importance of moms practicing self-care and showing themselves a little extra love as school lets out and summer begins. She says: I built my company for all the women living through their own similar journeys with me. From finding the strength to endure miscarriage, to the deep darkness of postpartum anxiety. Through sleepless nights and a number of physical and mental challenges I never even knew existed. No matter what our motherhood journeys, we all deserve to call ourselves tough as a mother.

Here’s Jennifer’s top 3 tips on how mamas can show themselves a little extra love now, and throughout the summer:

#1: Celebrate the year’s successes

Another school year being over is a major accomplishment, not just for your kids, but for you. You did it! You got your little ones through another year, and a very difficult one given all of the challenges Covid gave us. To help celebrate school being out, find something the whole family will enjoy! Order your favorite take-out and throw on a movie for a quiet night in. Or, maybe plan a fun outing or vacation with the family! Looking to celebrate a personal accomplishment? Plan a fun night out with your friends and loved ones. What better way to celebrate your successes than with those you love?

Tip #2: Relax and take some alone time

Don’t be afraid to take time away from your children! The time spent apart, in your own moment, is equally as important as the time spent together. You can take this time to relax and unwind, to plan fun activities and outings with the family for another day, or simply to just get some other work done without distractions. Doing this can help you feel refreshed and energized for what's ahead. Plus, it’s nice to be able to hear your own thoughts every now and then!

Tip #3: Plan a special summer day

There are plenty of fun, summer activities that the whole family can get in on! Try hiking, swimming, a short road trip, a day at the beach or lake, museums, a fun craft or cooking class… the options are endless! Get your kids involved in the planning process of this fun day. This quality time is something the whole family will never forget and will always cherish. 

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