She glued 7700 pennies to her bathroom floor but one could be worth $100k+

Loose stacks of US pennies, full frame

Photo: Getty Images

A TikToker who spent 16 hours gluing 7,700 pennies to decorate her bathroom floor might be looking for a small crowbar. Jordan Darian posted a TikTok video of the renovation at her home in West Hollywood, California. She glued the pennies down on top of the existing wood-effect tiles. She then sealed the floor with $300 worth of glue. After 16 hours of work she shared her TikTok — and then one of her followers claimed to have spied a valuable vintage coin in the floor: a 1943 copper-alloy penny possibly worth six figures.

… Darian admits that “since posting the video to TikTok I learned I may have made a very big mistake by not checking the pennies prior to permanently adhering them to my floor. I had no idea a penny could be so valuable and there are at least eight wheat pennies, upside down, so we are unable to check the year.”