Beaufort County School District has new online student registration system

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Parents and guardians of the Beaufort County School District’s 21,000 students are being notified this week that the district’s new online student registration system for the 2021-22 academic year is open for business.

Instead of registering through the old system requiring a “snapcode,” families will now register their children through Scribbles, a more robust online registration platform. In addition to saving the tax-payers money at one third of the cost of the previous registration system, Scribbles allows users to upload and/or change documents at a later time, and it links to school choice options as well.

The new system will require parents/guardians to set up an account before filling out their child’s registration information. Instructional videos are available on both the Beaufort County School District’s website and the Scribbles login page to aid families in the registration process.

Beginning on July 20, 2021, families of returning students will be able to access the registration portal at Families are encouraged to register their children as soon as possible so class sizes can be determined before the start of the school year.

If a student is brand new to the school district, the family will need to contact their zoned school to begin the registration process. If you don’t know your zoned school, please visit

Persons wishing to register their child are required to have an email account. Parents/guardians who don’t have e-mail accounts, who face language barriers, or need assistance can register at their children’s school.

For questions about registering, or for assistance with renewing a student’s registration, families should contact their child’s school directly:

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