Baby born in a gas station

Photo: Getty Images

You would think of all people a nurse would know when she's about to deliver a baby.

According to Kaitlyn Fullerton, it all happened in a flash. The 22-year-old mom-to-be was on her way home from a trip to Houston when she suddenly asked her husband to pull into a gas station. She needed to use the bathroom, she told him — just a quick pee, and then she’d be out. But a few moments after she closed the door behind her, Kaitlyn realized she was in for the surprise of her life when she started giving birth right there over the gas station toilet. Her first instinct, she later told reporters, was to start praying: “God please don’t let me have this baby in this restroom.” But as she soon learned, that particular prayer would not be answered.

… Moments later, Kaitlyn’s husband was alerted to what happened, and reacted in stunned disbelief. The husband said, “I looked up, saw a woman saying ‘Hey your wife just gave birth.’ I was like ‘what?'” Shocked that he’d suddenly become a father in the few short minutes while his wife was in the bathroom, husband Sergio rushed to by by her side. Seconds later, he pulled out his camera. The video footage shot by the first-time dad went viral for the incredible moments that it captured. There in the bathroom stall of a Pilot Gas Station in Beasely, Texas, Fullerton was holding their newborn son in her arms. He would later be named Callihan, and doctors would record his weight at a healthy 7 lbs., 3 oz.

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