Wheels Up! Podcast: Are we safer in the air now than we were on 9/11?

In my podcast "Wheels Up" I take you behind some of the headlines of the offbeat stories we hear involving airlines, airplanes and passengers.

In this installment:

  • are we safer now in the air than we were on 9/11?
  • a man exhibiting strange behavior won't sit in his seat and growls at the crew
  • a woman who showed up at the gate too late to fly but her bags were already on board so she told the agent there was a bomb in her bags!
  • Southwest says no more alcohol service on flights until next year
  • After being told they faced a $200 montly incrrease in their insurance, more than 4000 Delta employees instead opt for the vaccine
  • Who was Ben Sliney and why should we care?


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