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Man finds the second message in a bottle from the same Canadian!

Photo: Supplied by Andrew Eaton-Lewis

A 48-year-old Scottish man was walking along a beach and found a message in a bottle, just to discover that it was the second such message to travel across the Atlantic Ocean from the same man in Canada. Andrew Eaton-Lewis posted the message on Facebook trying to see if anyone could help translate it since it was written in French. He updated his post saying:

Someone has translated it for me! Translation is in thread below if anyone is interested. Apparently it's the second time one of his bottles has made it across the UK - the other one landed on a beach in the south of England. I'm going to send a letter to Andre Huet tomorrow, with my email address. Hoping he'll get back to me. The one I found on Facebook hasn't done so yet

The message was signed by Andre Huet of Quebec and dated January 26th, 2020. "I'm going to send a letter to Andre Huet tomorrow, with my email address," Eaton-Lewis posted on Facebook. "Hoping he'll get back to me." Last year, a woman participating in a beach cleaning event in Portland, England, also found a bottle on the beach containing a note in French from Huet.  Here is the translation:


Sunday 01/26/2020

For this year I will throw a bottle [...] there

[...] Cloridorme wharf where I live. It would be

[...] that someone finds it [...]

[...] and the second [...]

[...] ended up in Portland [...]

[...] after 1 year and 5 days that of the [islands ...]

[...] what to find this one and I hope [...]

[...] mark the place and [...]

[...] will be found.

Thank you

Andre Huet

Cloridorme Postal Code 117


Quebec Canada


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