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Here are the top ten "out of stock" items at the grocery store

Empty supermarket shelves

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The Consumer Brand Association keeps track of supply chain issues.

At stores like Publix, you may see a lot of small green signs apologizing to customers for certain items out of stock. One local shopper commented: “I’m kind of used to it now because I know the situation. It’s the demand of supply.”

“If it’s not at one, we go to another, and some of the store shelves have been empty,” local shopper Byron Harmon said.

The supply chain shortage continues.

Among the items stores have had in short supply include fruit snacks, cookies, sports drinks, juice and more.

To put it into perspective, normal out-of-stock percentages run anywhere from 7-10%.

As of November 7, general food items nationwide are 87% in stock, which is in the red, meaning the supply is strained. When you break it down, snacks are at 84%. Cookies and crackers at 83%. Beverage items as a whole are 85% stocked. Juice is sitting at 82%. Sports and energy drinks are at 81%.

The Consumer Brands Association put up a list of the “Top Out-of-Stock Categories.”

  1. Refrigerated Baked Goods: 24%
  2. Sports and Energy Drinks: 19%
  3. Juices: 18%
  4. Refrigerated Meals: 17%
  5. Carbonated Beverages: 16%
  6. Frozen Snacks: 16%
  7. Frozen Baked Goods: 16%
  8. Cookies and Crackers: 16%
  9. Water: 16%
  10. Bakery: 16%
  11. Laundry: 15%
  12. Snacks: 15%

“There’s just some things we can buy and get and some things we just adapt and we move on to something else,” Harmon said.

Here is a report from Jacksonville Florida: Jacksonville grocery stores experience product shortages similar to rest of the country – Action News Jax

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