Adele's done interviews worldwide to promote her new album. Here are two:


Photo: Getty Images

Adele walked out on an interview with Australian television host Matt Doran because he hasn’t listened to her new album. Reportedly the TV host flew from Sydney to London earlier this month to interview the singer as part of a $725,000 deal that included the rights to Adele’s Oprah Winfrey Special and two-hour comeback concert. The sit-down came to an abrupt end when the "Hello" singer asked Doran what he thought of 30, only for him to reportedly admit, “I haven’t listened to it.” We hear Adele walked out of the interview and her label, Sony, refused to allow the network to use it, leaving Australia as “the only market in the world not to have a one-on-one with Adele” to promote her new album.

Meanwhile two of the more in depth interviews worth sharing on one for Canadian TV and one for Apple Music:

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