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911 operator saved a caller's life when he was experiencing a stroke

Smartphone Call to 911

Photo: Getty Images

911 dispatchers are everyday heroes handliing thousands of calls a day. Like Denver 911 dispatcher Asisha Milton, whose 3-hour-long call from 800 miles away is one call that she won’t soon forget.

“I am in Tucson, Arizona, and my husband left this morning for Denver,” said the woman on the other end of the emergency call. “He’s in Denver right now, but he’s had a stroke. He’s in the car, but he doesn’t know where he is, and I don’t know what to do.”

Milton was able to reach that man, named Cliff, on his cellphone, but was unable to find his location.

“He couldn’t do the simple things that I asked him to do just because of his condition,” Milton said. She asked him to honk his horn or sound his car alarm, but she said Cliff was unable to perform any of those tasks. Working with Denver police, the victim’s phone was pinged and a search was launched. All the while, Milton stayed with him on the phone.

Roughly three hours later, police were able to locate the victim and transport him to the hospital where he received the treatment he desperately required.

“I had no, no question that Asisha worked very, very hard,” Milton’s supervisor Tyler Rebbe said. “And this was one of those situations that we’ve never come across before. And we’ve thought of things outside the box that we have never used before. And, you know, her relentlessness, not giving up and making sure that we found this gentleman, was just very heartwarming. And it was a long process.”


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