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How The Stanley Cup Trophy Got Lost On Its Way to a Player's Home

Stanely Cup Trophy in Hockey Hall of Fame

Photo: Getty Images

While out for delivery to Colorado Avalanche team captain Gabriel Landeskog's house, Lord Stanley had taken a wrong turn — misrouted to the modest house down the lane instead.

Every member of the winning team gets to spend a day with the cup. But on its way to one home it got delivered to a neighbor by mistake.

Kit Karbler and his husband were at their home Tuesday when they noticed a vehicle stopped outside their house. 

“It looks like a contractor or something,” Karbler told Nexstar’s KDVR. “I didn’t know. And a fella comes to the door. He’s got long, kind of gray hair, parted and he’s very friendly … And he comes right in and they’re looking, the truck is backed up and they’re looking to bring in the trophy.”

“He opened it up all the way, said go ahead. I lifted it up. I couldn’t believe how heavy it was. I ran my fingers over the engraving,” Karbler said. 

The keepers of the cup let the homeowners take a few pictures for posterity and then the cup was on its way to its proper home.

The holy grail of hockey will be on display around the streets of downtown Denver today for the official Stanley Cup celebration parade. And the streets of Denver will be painted burgundy and blue for the parade route.

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