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Florida family gets a call from the sheriff: "we found your dog!"

Photo: Cinna was found by Broward County Sheriff's Dept

After adopting Cinna, Erin Lahey was heartbroken when her dog vanished. Her husband was out walking her, the leash somehow got tangled up, he dropped it, and Cinna--who is timid--took off.

“He was trying to transfer the leash from one side to the other and it dropped and when it dropped it made a noise because it’s the clanging on the sidewalk and it scared her and she took off.”

On Wednesday night — after the family hired a pet detective, psychics, distributed flyers, and searched for her with the help of the community — police officers finally found Cinna. Lahey said she thought she was never going to see her Cinna again. The dog was gone for more than three months before they were reunited again.

“When I saw her I just fell to the ground,” Lahey said. “In a million years I never would have thought she’d look like that.”

Lahey said Cinna lost about 30 pounds, so they have her on a special diet to help her recover.

“She’s skin and bones, but other than the malnutrition, and she’s a little anemic because of that, which is unbelievable. Not a flea on her. Nothing, which is crazy.”

Remarkable. Congratulations.

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