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4 year old saves mother's life calling ambulance after she suffers seizure

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When Wendy Cocker had a seizure and lost consciousness, her son Monty knew just what to do.

"I wasn't feeling very well and I tried to contact my husband initially and as I did I went into a seizure," Ms Cocker said.

"The phone call I made to him went straight through to voice message.

"After that, within a couple of minutes, Monty made a 911 call and that's pretty much all I remember.

"And then I came to and it was all happening, the ambulance was there."

Ms Cocker is a registered nurse, and had taught Monty how to make the call just a day before the incident.

"I'd been to Agfest with the school and we'd visited the ambulance station as part of our checklist of places that we needed to go and I came home and thought, 'Gee I really need to teach Monty how to do it,'" she said. "Having seizures, I do need to let him know how to do it."

She talked him through the process of calling 911 (in Australia it's 0-0-0) from a mobile phone, from both an unlocked and locked phone. Monty quickly put his practice to the test.

His mother said she was "so proud of him".

"He's my little hero; he certainly has saved the day," she said.

"He's super special; he's a very smart little boy."

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