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This sign posted on the door of a Christian house: No Halloween handouts!

Halloween is just around the corner and those who celebrate are gearing up for the 31st with spooky decorations and buckets of candy for trick-or-treaters — although they may want to avoid one house on the block.

A handwritten sign on a home's front door was posted on Reddit.

The post is captioned "Karen doesn’t like Halloween and thinks Jesus has candy."

"We do not give away free candy to lazy entitled freeloaders. No handouts welcome to America. If you want candy, get a job and find Jesus," the sign continued.

With excessive exclamation points and underlined words, this family is clear they do not want trick-or-treaters knocking on their door.

Since the photo of the sign was posted to Reddit, it has received over 22k upvotes and almost 2k comments.

This sign, real or not, caught the attention of passersby.

One user commented, "If I was Karen's neighbor I'd set up one of those light-up Christmas nativity sets in my yard with spiders to Halloweenify it, and stick my bowl of candy in the manger." 

"Ah yes. Those freeloading children should definitely be on a forklift somewhere earning their candy money. Right on, Karen," another user commented sarcastically.

"100% guaranteed that Karen went trick or treating as a kid," one user replied.

One Redditor wrote, "This house needs TP in the trees, Vaseline on every door handle and window, potatoes in exhaust pipes and all the rest of the tricks."

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