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Why this woman put a raw potato in her candy bowl for trick or treaters

 On Halloween, a Milwaukee neighbor gave trick-or-treaters an unlikely choice... take a full-size candy bar or a potato. Just a regular uncooked potato.

In the end, Sarah Ross gave out 46 potatoes to crazy for taters trick-or-treaters. 

Sarah Ross gave out 46 potatoes to crazy for taters trick-or-treaters.

A Milwaukee home become the stuff of Halloween legend after giving trick-or-treaters the option to choose between a candy bar or a raw potato.

One group of teenage kids even started yelling 'potato gang' around the neighborhood they were so excited about the spuds next to their milk duds.

“Throughout the neighborhood, I think they were kind of like potato evangelists. They were spreading the good word, and I think that’s really when it kind of became a thing," Ross said.

Ross just did it to be fun, weird, and different. There was no message behind it. Ross saw a post on Facebook that someone did it in 2021, so they wanted to do it.

See how a local TV station covered it here and see more coverage that went viral below:

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