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Walmart shopper's warning: always check your receipts!

Julia went to Walmart and after her purchases were totaled, she had a feeling the number was too high.

After questioning her intuition she looked through her groceries and there was a charge on her receipt that did not line up with her groceries.

She showed it to customer service and their investigation could not show an item with that bar code number or price so it was removed and her money refunded.

She did this video as a warning to other consumers to trust your instinct, and always check your receipts.

One person on TikTok commented:

Scammers use distractions to attach small devices in card readers allowing a pre set or random amount of money to be funneled digitally to the scammers accounts. Updated training teaches cashier's ( at least in certain convenience store chains) how to spot these devices and how to report and remove them. ATMs are also vulnerable. Not to disparage the integrity of hard working cashiers and management whatsoever, pay attention to your items and the price window as you're ringing out to assure that you know what's being scanned so it can possibly be caught at the moment and a source for the discrepancy identified. It might help the next victim in line.

Shopping till receipt

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