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4-year-old saves mom’s life while also caring for his younger siblings

4 year old Asher has been getting national attention after saving his mother's life by taking care of her and his two younger siblings when she went into septic shock.

Rachel Milless of Big Lake, Minnesota was home alone with her 4-year-old son Asher and his younger brothers while battling the flu.

The registered nurse said she knew she felt sick enough to go the emergency room, so she was getting ready to drop her sons off at her sister's home and drive herself to the ER when she had a coughing fit.

"I felt like I was breathing through a straw and it was terrifying," she told "Good Morning America." "And then eventually I just didn't feel like I was breathing well at all."

Rachel Milless said she suffers from asthma and has a nebulizer at home.

As she was trying to reach her nebulizer to help her breathe, she said she fell to the floor in the kitchen, and that's when Asher stepped into action.

"He just instinctively brought [the nebulizer] over and plugged it in and hooked it up and put all the meds in it," Rachel Milless said. "He held it to my face and said, 'Just breathe, mom,' and was practicing with me." He then told Siri to call his dad.

Tyler Milless said he stayed on the phone with Asher until paramedics arrived, all the while explaining to his son how to to unlock the front door and let the first responders in so they could help his mom.

A woman displays "Siri", voice-activated

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