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5-year-old girl spends over $3,000 on Amazon while using her mom's phone

It's so convenient to reach for your phone and order something you need and get it delivered in record time.

But online shopping can be a little dangerous, especially when a 5-year-old gets a hold of her mom's phone.

Lila Varisco was playing on her mom's phone during a car ride and spent more than $3,000 on her mom's Amazon account. She ordered five pink motorcycles, five blue motorcycles, 10 pairs of cowgirl boots, and a kid-sized Jeep.

When asked why she wanted to buy 10 motorcycles, Lila simply said, "Because I wanted one."

Instead of a punishment, Lila's mom said she's using this as a teachable moment for her daughter.

"I did tell her that maybe if she acts right, she behaves and she does some chores around the house that we can get her a bike that's more geared towards her age range. A little slower, maybe," said Jessica Nunes.

This mom seems to be taking things in stride, but you think most moms would do the same??

Here is some of the coverage this story got around the country:

Amazon prime box delivered to a front door of residential building

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