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Inappropriate behavior by parents at children's parties is on the rise

Reports of inappropriate behavior by parents at children's parties have emerged on social media, with Disney princess entertainers sharing their shocking experiences.

While these entertainers typically gain attention for their interactions with children, these viral TikTok videos reveal that it's sometimes the parents who steal the show.

According to Yahoo!, TikToker @crazieegracie, who was dressed as Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, recounted an encounter with a grandfather named Harold who failed to understand the importance of boundaries.

During a little girl's birthday party, Harold asked Gracie for a photo with her alone, and even went as far as to ask for her phone number.

Another viral story on TikTok also emerged about a parent who attempted to make a Disney entertainer work for free at a friend's birthday barbecue. Georgia Fawcett, who was dressed as Mary Poppins, was attending as a guest but was asked to entertain the "bored" children for a few hours.

When she asked if she would be paid, the mom became upset and complained about Georgia to everyone at the party.

The disturbing videos have sparked conversations on the need for appropriate conduct and respect for performers at children's parties.

Female cosplayers as Disney Princesses

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