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This story & video may prove that we're just taking ourselves too seriously

This Australian musician was in charge of closing a local Kmart when he decided to have a little fun.

He recorded a video theatrically announcing the store's closing time. But he says his bosses told him off for it so he quit.

Liam Gildea films himself as he starts to play the classical piece "Spring" by Vivaldi into the shop microphone before announcing the closing time in a British accent.

"Good evening customers! As the time is now 8.50 p.m. this store will close in 10 minutes time. As the sun must set on a beautiful horizon, so must you make your way to the front of the store to finalize your purchases...Good morrow customers, good morrow!"

The video quickly went viral, and prompted many positive replies. So far it has more than 9 million views.

"I LOVE THIS! It's giving Bridgerton," one person commented, while another said Gildea "deserves a raise."

Watch the video here....

Photo: TikTok

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