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This couple's dog runs to save his brother during a dangerous coyote attack

A couple is urging residents to remain vigilant after a coyote attacked one of their dogs last month. Erin and David Macaluso's backyard surveillance camera captured just how fast a coyote went after one of their two dogs on May 1. They heard a blood curdling scream and, checking the surveillance video saw a coyote darting across the yard as 6-year-old Harley tries to get away before being caught near the bushes.

"It was horrific," David said. "When you hear Harley screaming, it's just so sad. He's such a sweet dog and for him to go through that, it just broke my heart."

Harley was bit on the shoulders and on the chest. However, it's Harley's older brother, Vinny, who jumped into action, going after the coyote and ultimately scaring it away.

"Eleven-pound dog with three teeth and 11 years old so coyote had no idea what was coming after him. He just took off," said David.

Harley is making a full recovery. His owners said he's lucky to be alive.

"I know for a fact that if Vinny hadn't run in and saved the day, Harley would be gone, 100%," said Erin.

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