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GA Girls Go Viral for Secretly Placing Their Photo on Cracker Barrel Mantel

A gag from two best friends has gone mega-viral, and not for being contentious — shockingly — but for being completely harmless.

Ashley Zessin Shelley and Darcy Gashweiller (@gash.79) posted a TikTok in which they can be seen trying to redecorate the walls of their local Cracker Barrel in Albany Georgia to great and hilarious success.

“Adding to the decor at Cracker Barrel,” reads the text on the viral video, which has been viewed more than 21 million times and liked more than 3.9 million times in just three days. In the 25-second clip, Shelley can be seen furtively getting up from her seat and leaving a framed image of her and Gashweiller on a Cracker Barrel mantle.

“This is the best thing I’ve ever seen,” commented one TikTok user.

“LMAO i love a good harmless prank,” wrote a second.

Darcy posted another video on Monday sharing her follow up visit to the Cracker Barrel in question. “On our way to see if Cracker Barrel has noticed our picture,” reads the caption ingrained on the video.

As the hostess walks Darcy and her party to the table, viewers can catch a glimpse of the photo resting on the mantel. Later in the video, she shares a selfie enthusiastically showing that the picture is “still there!” 


Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Location II

Photo: Getty Images

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