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How To Help Savannah Dog Oreo Fight Cancer and Finish His Bucket List

Oreo, a four-legged resident in Savannah, has been diagnosed with a silent killer with a life expectancy of one to three months.

Keira Whitehead, a rising senior at Savannah Arts Academy, received an unexpected phone call that her childhood dog had cancer. Oreo was then diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma after emergency surgery. It is a common canine cancer that can be deadly for dogs.

“My heart just dropped to the floor,” Keira Whitehead. “Because we’ve had family members and friends in the previous few years die from cancer.”

It is also referred to as the silent killer, because it is rare for dogs to show outward symptoms. Luckily, Whitehead noticed something about Oreo early on.

“My grandmother and I and my mom had noticed that Oreo was acting unusual,” Whitehead said. “He was drinking tons of water, urinating, and having accidents in the house. Which was very unusual for him. So, we took him in and did a few scans and they saw that there was blood in his urine and that raised a few red flags.”

Whitehead spent early mornings and long nights researching to find the best kind of treatment. Fidocure is one option that stuck out to her. They find genetic mutations that are linked to cancer, and it helps when finding the best treatment.

“Knowing there are options, knowing that you can do something makes me feel a lot better and I know that it makes my mom feel a lot better,” Whitehead explained. “I’m just really grateful for the oncologist.”

Whitehead and her family have set up a GoFundMe to raise money for Oreo’s treatment.

Whitehead said Oreo is back to her normal self and she hopes her story is heard. She wants people to know that there are ways to save your furry loved ones.

Visit the Morris Animal Foundation for additional information about Hemangiosarcoma and ways to donate to help other canines just like Oreo.

Photo: gofundme

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