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After an $11 tip, Doordash driver asks "for any extra tip you can spare"

After a customer generously tipped his DoorDash driver before the driver even delivered her order, she was perplexed after the driver requested even more tip money from her.

The woman claimed that she often goes “above and beyond” to ensure that drivers who deliver food to her house are tipped well. However, this particular incident left her wondering if he deserved a tip at all after his inappropriate request.

According to Your Tango, the customer shared a screenshot of the text message exchange between her and her DoorDash driver on the subreddit, r/doordash. The woman explained that she ordered dinner through the online food delivery service, DoorDash, for her family from a restaurant that was three and a half miles away from her home.

She provided the driver with a gracious tip. “I tipped $11, which I thought was respectable,” she wrote. “The suggested tip was $8.50 mid-range and $10.50 at the higher end, so I bumped it up to an even amount because it was the night before the holiday.”

As the driver was waiting at the restaurant to pick up the customer's order, he messaged her to inform her that the order was taking longer than expected. “I’m still waiting on your order sorry about that they’re just really busy here,” he wrote.

The woman replied back thanking the driver for letting her know. However, she was perplexed by the follow-up message she received from him after he picked up her order.

“I just received your order I had to contact DoorDash so I’ll be there shortly, I appreciate any extra tip you could spare but I’m on my way now,” he wrote.

After the driver dropped off her order, the woman contacted DoorDash to inform the company of his actions.

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