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She went to see Pink's concert in Boston but ended up giving birth instead!

Recently Pink was stunned when a fan threw a baggy up to her onstage only to find out it contained her mother's ashes. Ya just never know what's going to happen.

And just a days ago when Pink was in Boston for her Summer Carnival Tour, she almost became a godmother! A pregnant fan went into labor during the concert.

Angela Mercer was 31 weeks pregnant but that did not stop her from traveling from upstate New York and going to the concert as part of a girls trip with her sister-in-law and mother to celebrate her mother's birthday. But she did not expect what happened next.

Shortly after arriving to Fenway Park, Mercer began feeling contractions and called her doctor, who then advised she go to the hospital. Mercer and her family actually ended up walking to the hospital due to concert traffic. Fortunately, the hospital was only around a 1-mile walk from Fenway.

They did miss the concert but they got to welcome their new little bundle of joy who now shares a birthday with his grandmother. And when deciding on the name for her newborn son, Mercer and her husband, Ace, landed on a name that ended up having a connection to the singedr they want to see--Aycen Hart. P!NK, born Alecia Beth Moore, is married to Carey Hart and legally shares his last name.

Mercer said her son is doing well considering his early birth, with Aycen being moved to a NICU in Albany closer to home. "The doctors don't have any major concerns," she said. "It's amazing. He was so early, a lot of things could have gone wrong, so we're in a good spot and just so happy."

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