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Cats rescued from Maui wildfires need permanent or temporary homes

As you know, people are hurting as they try to get their lives together after the horrible devastation that impacted Maui.

But locals are also trying to help the pets. Many are disoriented, lost, injured, and seeking shelter and help. One of the groups, Maui Cat Rescue, is working to get these animals to safety and into loving homes. But there is clearly interest in helping from people who live on the mainland.

The group is now opening up cat rescue and adoption to animal lovers living on the Mainland (and they do not charge for adoptions.) If you would like to learn more see below and there is also a link to their website that may be of interest.

Here is what was on Cat Cafe's Instagram page:

Dear Maui Ohana,

Our beloved island is currently being ravaged by a devastating fire tragedy, leaving countless cats injured and searching for safety. As a local animal shelter, we desperately need your support to make room for these lost and injured felines.

We kindly urge you to consider adopting a cat or fostering one during this critical time. By doing so, you not only give a loving home to a deserving furry friend, but also assist us in providing immediate care to those affected by this tragedy. Each adoption creates valuable space in our shelter, enabling us to rescue and care for more cats in need.

Now, more than ever, we need your help. Our island is facing an unprecedented crisis, and together we can make a difference. 🤝💕

Please reach out to us if you are interested in adopting or fostering a cat. We appreciate any support you can offer, whether it’s sharing our plea with your network or donating towards emergency medical supplies for these affected animals.

Let’s stand united in compassion and #SaveOurCats. Together, we can give them the second chance they desperately deserve. 🐾💙


Can I adopt a cat to the mainland?

Yes, but some requirements have to be met in order to do so, many of which are listed here. Through our partnership with the Maui Humane Society, we can help! At the time of the adoption, we will walk you through the requirements below. 

Health Certificate

If you are flying your adopted pet out of the State of Hawaii a Health Certificate provided by a licensed veterinarian is required within 10 days of the flight. This document certifies that your animal is healthy and safe to fly. The cost for a Health Certificate is $40.

Rabies Vaccination

If you are flying your adopted pet out of the State of Hawaii, a Rabies Vaccination is required for pets of appropriate age. The fee for the vaccination is $20.

Air Kennel for Transport

Cost can range from $30-$250 for an air kennel depending on the size of the animal you are shipping. The animal must have enough space to stand up and turn around comfortably in the air kennel and have metal hardware that is secure for shipping.

Flight Options

Each airline has specific restrictions and availability. Shipping methods often depend on the airline you have selected for transport. In some cases animals can be in the cabin with you, shipped as baggage or flown as cargo. For more information about these options and restrictions please contact the suggested airlines listed below.

Inter-Island Flights

Aloha Air Cargo 808-877-2025

Island Air 888-587-6111

Go! 888-435-9462

Mokulele 866-260-7070

Hawaiian Airlines 877-422-2746

TransAir Cargo 888- 999-9015

Out of State Flights

American Airlines 800-227-4622

Alaskan Airlines 800-225-2752

Air Canada 808 836-1973

Hawaiian Airlines 877-422-2746

United Airlines 800-621-5647

Delta Airlines 888-736-3738

There are no adoption fees for adopting cats from Cat Cafe Maui. Once you are approved for adoption, you will be directed to a donation link for Maui Humane Society, and you can give a donation in any amount you desire as a sign of your appreciation.

After you complete the initial requirements we will work with you and the Maui Humane Society to coordinate your pet’s transfer.

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