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A Texas woman recently went viral after sharing her harrowing experience of accidentally driving to Mexico while trying to find a Home Depot.

According to the Daily DotTrinity Jackson (@thetrinityjackson) posted a video to her TikTok account explaining that she went to El Paso for two weeks to spend time with her mother after sharing that she needed to get away from Houston, where Jackson currently lives.

In the five-minute video, Jackson said she and her mother spent a weekend together before Jackson dropped her mother off at the airport. Shortly after, her mother texted her a reminder to pick up the zip ties she needed from Home Depot.

“Mind you, at this point, I’m already way too close to the sign to put two and two together, and I realize I am now exiting America and heading to Mexico,” Jackson said.

Jackson explained how she tried to find an area where she could turn around and head back to the United States. However, the road continued to lead her further into the country.

Jackson continued driving and eventually reached the Border Patrol. She quickly asked for help from two agents, but the language barrier was challenging. Since the two workers spoke Spanish and Jackson spoke English, she had to rely on Google Translate to communicate with them.

“I said I need to understand how I can get back into my country,” Jackson explained. “I didn’t mean to do this; this is an accident; this is a missed exit to the extreme.”

Jackson said she would never make that mistake again and learned her lesson.

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