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Man who walked 4 hours to work for 12-hour night shifts gets a new car

Ernest Chandler has been walking over 5 miles round trip every day to get to work for his 12-hour shift. It takes him two hours to get to work and two hours to return home. He said he had to give up his car to help his family.

“I live with my nephew and his family, and I help take care of them,” Chandler said. “For the past couple of years, we haven’t had a car because we had to sell it in order to stay afloat for the bills.”

A nonprofit in Alabama that gives to those in need has now gifted Ernest with a car.

The Jacob Bradley Dugger Foundation in Trinity, Alabama, decided to step in to help. The organization received a car donation and then donated that vehicle to Chandler and his family. But before Chandler could enjoy the new set of wheels, he had to get his driver’s license. He said he wants his story to inspire others to pay it forward.

“I hope that someday when someone sees this video they’ll take it to heart and help someone else in need that needs a vehicle, and I’ll be that way too,” Chandler said.

Chandler said he stuck it out at work despite his long commute because of a promise he made to a friend who was like a sister to him before her death three years ago.

He promised to always look out for her son, Brett Johnston, who lives with Chandler and stays home to take care of Johnston's wife, who has spina bifida, and stepfather, who suffers from mini strokes.

Dugger runs a nonprofit called the Jacob Bradley Dugger Foundation, named for his son Jacob, who had cerebral palsy and died in 2013 when he was 30 years old.

“I'm really excited,” Chandler said. “I'm glad that we have some way of getting out of the house now. When we don't have a car, it's kind of hard to get around … I was trying to find a taxi or other friends that might be able to take us to the store.

"We’ve been stuck in the house for a long time," he added.

Crying yet?

Here is Chandler in the new Ford Focus he just got making life for him and his family much easier. What a blessing.

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