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A TikToker says Home Depot is trying to ruin Christmas

Some Home Depot shoppers are finding the new animatronic Jack Frost statue to be more creepy than Christmas-y.

The $200 decoration measures 6 feet tall, according to Home Depot's website, and has LED light-up eyes, a moving torso, and "ghoulish" blue skin.

The decoration is meant to add "an unexpectedly creepy look to your holiday display" and "a touch of fright to your holiday merry-making," the website description continues.

"Home Depot is trying to ruin Christmas," TikToker Danielle Adams says on her video with almost 1 million views.

While many have agreed and said they find the decoration creepy, others love the idea of spooky decor for winter holidays.

"Nah I dig this. Christmas horror is great," one person wrote. "This is payback for putting out trees and ornaments in freakin August," another person commented.

"As a Halloween girly I love this," one TikToker wrote. "He will go with my 12 ft. skelly that stays up for Christmas with a Santa hat."

As of Monday, a search for "home depot jack frost animatronic" on TikTok resulted in videos with a collective total of 19.5 million views.

Some of those include people who have bought the Jack Frost animatronic and displayed it in their homes.

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