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Stupid tourists keep poking a bear who is eating until he has enough!

On the Instagram page TOURONSOFNATIONALPARKS is this post:


A Black bear minding his own business & eating his lunch on the shore in Campbell River, British Columbia.

You should never get that close to a bear..EVER! Especially when the bear is eating a meal! Bears can be extremely territorial and aggressive when it comes to their food, the bear could think you are competition for their meal and maul you! You could become the main course!!!!!!

Be smart, use common sense, and learn basic wildlife viewing etiquette.

DO NOT touch the BEARS‼️

ALWAYS be bear aware‼️

In Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada, a group of tourists demonstrated a lack of awareness about the dangers of interacting with wildlife, particularly bears.

Ignoring the expression 'poking the bear,' the tourists approached a bear that was peacefully eating. Despite the inherent risks, the tourists aggressively moved closer for photo opportunities and even attempted to take selfies, with one person going so far as to stroke the bear.

According to Advnture, the incident was shared on the Instagram account TouronsOfNationalParks, which highlights inappropriate behavior in natural settings, emphasizing the importance of respecting wildlife and adhering to proper wildlife viewing etiquette.

The accompanying message emphasizes the potential danger of approaching bears, especially when they are eating, due to their territorial and aggressive nature.

Scavenging bears

Photo: DiMaggio/Kalish / The Image Bank / Getty Images

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