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Phyllis Kramer is a Butterball Turkey Talk-Line expert, and she's revealing some of the wildest questions she's received on Thanksgiving.

Butterball turkey tutors answer calls, texts, emails, and live chats in both English and Spanish. They answer nearly 15,000 phone calls on Thanksgiving Day.

One cook panicked thinking her turkey had no meat on it, only to find she had cooked it upside-down. Another wondered if it was safe to put an engagement ring inside a turkey...Kramer advised against this...and one rushed chef wanted to thaw a turkey with an electric blanket.

Kramer thaws her turkey in the fridge, and says she has three in her freezer right now. "There's nothing better than that. It's like having money in the bank," she writes.

Over the years, we've received calls from frantic men and women looking for last-minute ways to thaw their turkey. The wildest calls have been from people asking if they can wrap their turkey in an electric blanket or slip it into a hot tub to thaw it more quickly (Spoiler alert: You can't due to food-safety guidelines!).

If you're in a jam and pressed for time, you can always buy a fresh whole turkey, which doesn't require thawing and requires little prep time.

Another popular question is, "How do I know when my turkey is done?" I always say it's very important to have a meat thermometer, which should read at least 170 degrees in the breast and 180 degrees in the thigh.

"I had a guy call and tell me he was planning to propose on Thanksgiving and wanted to know if it was safe to put the engagement ring inside the turkey. It took a little while, but I finally convinced him to put the ring in a box next to the turkey instead."

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